Duraline Z-100 Tips

Installation Instructions
  • Surface Preparation
       1. Surface to be lined must be cleaned free of all dirt, oil, grease, and flaking rust.
       2. Wash surface with water and allow to dry completely. This should be done just prior to installation of wire mesh.
  • Application of Wire Mesh
       1. Use 1 1/2″ #9 flattened expanded metal mesh or something similar in wire mesh.
       2. Tack the wire mesh on 18” center, or there abouts, to the above prepared metal surface.
       3. With a chisel, or some tool, raise (pry) the wire mesh away from the metal surface and insert a 1/2” thick nut, small metal scrap, or something to keep the mesh off the metal surface so that the mixed DURALINE® Z-100 can get below the mesh, and thus the wire mesh will be imbedded in the desired thickness of the DURALINE® Z-100.
       4. The mesh should be located at the approximate midpoint of the lining by using spacers.
  • Mixing & Application of Z-100 Heavy Duty Lining
       1. Mix the DURALINE Z-100 heavy duty chute lining as required in a mortar box with water. Add water sparingly as best results are obtained when consistency of mix is “stiff.”
       2. Apply over wire mesh, prepared above, to required thickness.
       3. Finish surface with steel trowel.
  • Curing Z-100 Heavy Duty Lining, for best results, wet-cure for 72 hours.
       1. Allow to dry at ambient temperature for 4-6 hours.
       2. Apply cloth to surface and wet periodically over the next 48 hours.
       3. Allow 18 to 24 hours drying (no water added) at ambient temperature prior to using.

Coverage of DURALINE® Z-100 is 12 pounds per square foot at 1” thickness.

Installation Tips

Prepare a mortar mixer or similar mixing system that will thoroughly blend entire contents.

Temperature of Z-100 powder, the mixing water, and the surface to be protected should be 50°F or higher. 70°F is optimum.

DURALINE® Z-100 Mixing Ratio: 13% water by weight

  • 650 lb. drum
  • 84.5 lbs. – 10.13 gallons water
Procedure for mixing DURALINE Z-100
  • Make certain that ingredients (aggregate) are well distributed in drum.
  • Put required amount of water into mixer.
  • Add DURALINE® Z-100 to mixer.
  • After adding all of the required DURALINE® Z-100 into mixer, continue mixing for 5 minutes. Use a 5 minute mixing time on all batches to ensure uniformity.
  • Apply DURALINE® Z-100.
       1. If you’re NOT using an entire drum of DURALINE® Z-100
       2. Weigh quantity of DURALINE® Z-100 to be mixed.
       3. Measure corresponding amount of water needed.
       4. 1/2 drum Z-100 = 5.06 gal. Water.