Duraclad ECS Tips

Installation Instructions
  • Surface shall be dry and free of all surface scale, rust, oils or other matter that may affect adhesion of the epoxy compound.
    Prepare the surface by grinding to remove existing coatings or adhesives and sandblast entire surface to provide a roughened white metal surface. Wipe surface with clean cloth soaked with a non-petroleum-based solvent.
  • Empty contents of Part A (resin) into mixing bowl containing Part B (hardener). Use power drill mixer to blend the components until uniform in color. Scrape sides and bottom of pail to insure proper ratio. Do not exceed mixing over 3 minutes: for lesser quantities mix 1 Part (A) and 1 Part (B) on separate board with trowel until uniform in color.
  • Maintain components between 65° and 80°F. Apply a thin layer of mixed DURACLAD ECS and rub into the surface. Proceed to build up with layers of 1/4” – 1/2” to desired thickness.
  • The cure can be accelerated by pre-heating Part A (resin) to 100°F before mixing.
       1. Caution: This procedure will shorten the pot life of the material due to the temperature sensitivity of epoxy resins.
  • A smooth, slick surface can be accomplished by dipping your trowel in the solvent then smoothing over already applied, uncured DURACLAD ECS. Clean tools with solvent.
  • Do not apply material below 50°F ambient temperature, unless surface and material is maintained above 80°F to insure proper adhesion.