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  • HD Floor Materials HD-230-IF

    Model: HD-230-IF

    For Fast Set and Cold Temperature repairs. Excellent resistance to acids and by-products. Easily cleaned. Available in Gray and Tile Red. Standard Kit Coverage: 40 ft 2 per unit at 1/4” thick.

  • HD Floor Material - Self Leveling

    Model: FL-D-201-SL

    DURALINE® offers a superior corrosion-resistant, self leveling, epoxy monolithic floor protection system for concrete industrial and commercial floor applications, the system works with DP501 Primer and D200 Expansion joint material to provide a high quality surface. Resistant to a wide range of acids, alkalies and some solvents. Recommended for the Power Industry, Food and Beverage and Chemical Processing. 100% solids.

  • HD Floor Material HD-200-IF

    Model: HD-200-IF

    For Extreme Special Abrasion and Corrosion duty, DURALINE® also offers a Premier Severe Duty EPOXY POLYMER FLOOR CONCRETE named HD-200-IF. This material is extremely abrasion and corrosion resistant and is aimed at the most challenging applications. Resistant to a wide range of oil, solvents and acids through a range of zero to 14 PH. Max service temperature of 150°F. Low porosity.

  • HD Floor Material D-330 Quick Cure

    Model: D-330

    Quick Cure & Strength Additive for those applications where “cure time is critical,” duraline® offers a mix additive that dramatically speeds up cure time and adds significant strength.

  • HD Floor Material HD-100-IF

    Model: HD-100-IF

    If you are looking for a Heavy Duty Industrial Floor, HD-100 IF is the right material for the job. Not just a floor topping or coating, the wear resistance goes all the way through the floor structure. Non shrinking, temperature resistant, dimensionally stable and high early strength.